Weekend reading

A sick CEO’s full disclosure: In the current corporate environment where CEOs tend to not disclosure material events, it is good to see a CEO who takes the right path to shareholder disclosure.

Henry Singleton – Master of Capital Allocation: Singleton, co-founded Teledyne, is considered on of the masters at capital allocation. A great article on his principles and how we can apply it to our investment decisions.

Michael Burry’s letters to investors: Michael Burry has made some of his early letters available to the public.

Ackman’s charitable work: Ackman’s activist investment style has been covered by the media, but the work he does for charities and his donating his wealth has not be that well covered.

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  1. I’m wondering how your fund did in 2010 through the end of Q3? You were previously quite prompt in posting results after the quarter’s end. Looking forward to seeing results.

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