I’m fascinated with everything having to do with business and human behavior. I’ve been inspired by Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Mohnish Pabrai, Charie Munger, Francis Chou, and other value investors. Buffett’s work ethic, approach to life, and principles based approach to business has inspired me and cultivated my interest in investing.

I manage funds in my personal account. I approach investing as Graham popularized, business-focused investing. My approach is to wait for a company with a solid economics and great management to run into a short-term problem. The stock market tends to pounce on companies when they run into problems. I believe an investor that can stay calm and clearly see if the issue has a short-term or long-term impact will be able to get very good returns.

Professionally, I’m a CPA. I run a tax practice where we provide tax consulting and tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. You can reach me at paras@americantax.net

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  1. I would like to receive your comments on General Growth. I am also a shareholder. Thank you

  2. Can you clarify what happens to pink slip GGP holdings (GGWPQ) if and when they convert back to NYSE (GGP). Are they transferred, worthless, etc.

    • The pink sheet shares (GGWPQ) are not worthless once GGP starts trading on NYSE. The move to NYSE basically means more activity for trading shares and investors can buy shares. When the shares trade on the pink sheet, your ownership of the shares means you own a piece of the company. If the company moves to another market, NYSE or NASDAQ, your ownership of the company still stays. So they are not worthless, they get transferred.

      What is not clear is whether GGP will do an IPO with the NYSE transfer. As part of its BAM deal, GGP would raise capital from the public markets. The listing to the NYSE could be part of this ‘raise capital.’ If they do an IPO it would mean dilution for current shareholders (including us pink sheet holders). We should have a clear picture of what is happening after today’s court ruling.


  3. Have you added to HNR during this most recent downturn? Feel a little stupid for jumping the gun and adding above 14, though I hold core position from 5 and 10. Seems like excellent value, would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Yes I have been adding to HNR. Have been buying in the dips below $12 (buying as high as mid-$13). I believe the odds are good for HNR to be a double in short-term (less than 12 months). It is one of my biggest holding due to its short-term catalyst. We should have news on Gabon in 2-3 weeks and Indonesia in 6-8 weeks.


  4. Thanks for the reply paras. The degree to which ‘investors’ can misjudge value and give away things so cheap and buy others so dear continues to baffle me.

  5. About a month ago, you talked about an India-based company that you felt was managed akin to Berkshire. Once you have your position, will you share more about the company?

    Thanks in advance for sharing more about what sounds like a very interesting firm and for sharing your overall ideas in blog!

  6. I manage a German based family office. Also I have been an investor in Oroco for more than a year now and have built my position over time as I got to know the company and the management more and more.

    However, of course, as is always the case with illiquid penny stocks, a part of me sees a very small probability that this could be a fraud or a fake. That the story is fake and brokers are using it to earn a very big spread.

    As I know that Oroco is also a very big position in your portfolio I was wondering whether you would be open to sharing your thoughts on my concerns. Maybe there is something you have seen or investigated that clearly excludes the possibility of this being a fake.

    Thank you very much for any thoughts or effort.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Maybe we can continue the conversation via email or any other medium if that would be okay for you.

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