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  • Leadership lessons from Brian Chesky

    I typically do not read much about the CEOs of tech startups. A big reason is that I live in the Silicon Valley and most CEOs are building the company with an exit strategy. So there isn’t much to learn from them. Although this piece on Brian Chesky and how he has learned to run…

  • Intelligent Fanatics

    Sanjay Bakshi is a professor and value investor in India. He has a huge online fan base and his online teachings are some of the best I’ve seen. A passionate value investor who has an amazing story about his struggle to build a investing business. He recently did a presentation in which he talked about…

  • Weekend reading

    – Berkowitz’s hedge fund returns: Amazing returns for a hedge fund that uses no-hedge – Pabrai lecture: Great lecture and Q&A with Pabrai. He talks about some of this previous investments and how he looked at the key mistakes he made (Delta Financial) or how he sees the key investment theme (DirectTV) – Lou Simpson…

  • Weekend reading

    – What Alan Greenspan has learned since 2008: Interview with Greenspan on how his thinking has evolved – Contrarian: A documentary on John Templeton

  • XPEL: Upcoming investor presentation

    XPEL typically doesn’t do much investor communication. This has been one of the reasons why the company is not that well known to investors. The company did its first investor presentation in Dec ’13. On Jan 15th the company will be doing a presentation for the MicroCapClub Invitational. The good thing about this presentation is…

  • Michael Burry Case Studies

    This is an amazing read on Michael Burry’s approach to investing and his thoughts on some of his investment ideas. For anyone who is a serious value investor, this is a great read. Hats off to Todd Sullivan for pointing it out.

  • Weekend reading

    – The growing up of Brian Moynihan: Great piece on his missteps at BoA – Daily Journal Meeting Notes: Great stuff for Charlie Munger fans – The Big Short War: Story on Ackman’s strong confidence and arrogance

  • Weekend reading

    – Graham and Doddsville Winter 2013: Always a good read – Kase Capital letter to investors: Whitney Tilson’s new fund – What’s Inside America’s Banks: Great read – Investing in Worldly Wisdom: Good article on Charlie Munger

  • Weekend reading

    – The Insourcing Boom: The resurgence of manufacturing in US – Graham’s Foolproof Method of Systematic Investing: Great stuff – Transcript from Pabrai Fund’s 2012 Annual Meeting: Always a treasure trove to read Pabrai’s thoughts – Bridge with Buffett: Great read on the math of Bridge

  • Weekend reading

    – Interview with Pabrai: Good to hear his thoughts on Fiscal Cliff, auto industry – Pabrai and Spier talk on Japan Investing: Great thoughts and investment ideas – Berkshire Hathaway valuation: Latest from Tilson