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Emerita: Interview w/ Gower; drill results

Emerita has been doing extremely well in the drilling program. Unfortunately we don’t have a resource report yet but it is coming in 4-6 months. Gower did an interview with Doc Jones recently. You can hear from Gower how well the drilling is going, there is still lot of upside to grow the size and grade, and details on how and where the resource is expanding. Most investors in Emerita have been talking about AZN and were hoping for a resolution on it. Although the IBW property is a top tier asset and we will finally see institutions and mining companies realize it once we get the resource estimate out.

Emerita also announced drill results from La Infanta. Yes they are still drilling there and the resource keeps expanding. The drill results were very good. A 150 meter step out showed the resource keeps expanding.

If I had additional cash, Emerita would be my top pick to buy. I just can’t see how this is not going to have a monster 2023 and we still have the AZN upside that should come in 2-3 yrs.

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