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I’m fascinated with everything having to do with business and human behavior. I’ve been inspired by Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Mohnish Pabrai, Charie Munger, Francis Chou, and other value investors. Buffett’s work ethic, approach to life, and principles based approach to business has inspired me and cultivated my interest in investing.

I manage funds in my personal account. I approach investing as Graham popularized, business-focused investing. My approach is to wait for a company with a solid economics and great management to run into a short-term problem. The stock market tends to pounce on companies when they run into problems. I believe an investor that can stay calm and clearly see if the issue has a short-term or long-term impact will be able to get very good returns.

Professionally, I’m a CPA. I run a tax practice where we provide tax consulting and tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. You can reach me at

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