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Oroco: Resource estimate; kudos to the team

After decade plus of waiting, Santo Tomas now has a 43-101 compliance resource estimate. This is a huge accomplishment for the the company, the employees, and the shareholders.

The amount of work, time, and patience it has required is hard to put in words. I got involved in the company in 2017 as a shareholder. I can’t remember how many times I felt like “we are finally there” and then things would just take much much longer. No matter how long it finally took or how frustrating the process was, at each step the management team got it done and kept marching ahead. I’m sure in this long process of legals, permits, drilling, and resource estimate the management team must have gone through lot of frustration and second thoughts. Although all shareholders should be glad and thankful for the management team, operations team, and everyone that has worked for Oroco Resource having reached this point.

Great job for the Oroco team to have gotten to this stage. Hands down an amazing job at perseverance and execution.

As for shareholders, the fun has just begun. There is lot more to come. We still have the PEA to come, updated MRE, more drilling results, and more upside exploration. All this will be done in rest of 2023. So lot of fireworks still to watch.

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