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Emerita: IT IS A MINE

The company released 17 drill results today. Let that sink in. Results from 17 holes were released in one PR.

The size of the drill program has been something that many folks don’t understand. The company has 15 drills turning on 2 deposits. 15 DRILLS. It is absurd how large these deposits are and how fast the company is drilling. The speed of drilling has caused the testing company to fall behind. Clear evidence is us getting 17 drill results in one PR.

The other thing is even after 17 drill results announced, we have lot lot more drill results stuck at the testing site. So the flow of drill results will be steady.

The drill results are really good. It is clear that IBW (La Infanta, Romanera, El Cura) will show that it is economically feasible to have a mine. Also the PEA will show the assets are going to be worth a lot of money. Suitors will line up to get a shot at acquiring IBW and Emerita is not going to sell it cheap.

Don’t focus on the stock price, understand the business fundamentals and what it is showing in terms of value of the company.

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