Oroco: Richard Lock the savior

I have been purposefully quiet on Oroco. But I feel like I need to give credit to what is being done by one man, so I decided to share my thoughts:

  • The prior leaders of the drilling program were running a program that was destined to fail.
  • Richard Lock took over the helms and has delivered. He is the savior. Saving Oroco from entering the Why I Hate the Miners series.
  • The drilling program has finally picked up steam. The company is delivering on the promise of frequent updates, expansion of resource, improving grade, and for once following a timeline.
  • The results from North Zone has been very good. Grade, expansion, close to surface.
  • South Zone is going to be even better: much bigger than North Zone, lot of expansion, and hopefully similar grades as North Zone
  • Brasilles has shown copper exists and it is economical. Hopefully management drills a few more holes before the M&A picks up steam
  • 2023 should be really interesting. The PEA, copper prices, increased M&A, and Richard Lock delivering for the shareholders
  • Richard Lock is the savior (did I mention that?).
  • China opening up from the zero-COVID is a huge catalyst for copper. Copper spot price is almost at $4 / lbs just from China doing some small openings.
  • If China opens up in 2023 we will see copper spot price really move and majors will start acting on the M&A.

Oroco is really all about Richard Lock delivering. His execution has been really good. A management that puts out a clear timeline and then works on delivering on it (instead of coming up with excuses for not delivering) is a major change for Oroco. A change that should bear fruit for shareholders in 2023.

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    • Agreed. Although no one will give them credit for the gold unless they drill XX numbers of holes in Brasilles. It is unlikely they will do it till late 2023 because they have plenty on their hands w/ NZ, SZ, and PEA.

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