Bye bye Twitter

For a long time I’ve been cutting back on most of the social media that I’ve been browsing. The only remaining social media site that I was frequently using was Twitter.

Twitter is a great way to get the latest news and opinions of people you follow. Also some individuals that I don’t get to hear from on a frequent basis were Twitter users (Pabrai, Ackmann, …). Twitter allowed me to get their opinions on topics on an instant basis.

The problem with Twitter is what I typically saw on Twitter was filtered. It was customized based on what I was following, reading, and clicking. So everyday I keep seeing things that were one sided. Views and opinions that were complementary with my views. The more I read the tweets the more I realized it wasn’t healthy to see mostly one-sided opinions.

The other thing with Twitter is it is addictive. I saw myself spending or wasting lot of time on Twitter. The constant refresh to see any new posts or mindlessly going to twitter app to see any updates.

I had deleted the Twitter app almost a year ago. Yesterday, I deleted my account from Twitter.

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