Emerita: David Gower gives an update

Gower does an interview with Doc Jones about the results drilling at La Romanera. Gower is conservative so he didn’t talk about what they are seeing but it is clear La Romanera is going to be really really good.

The company plans to get some holes drilled in El Cura in 2022. That will be really exciting. The grade on El Cura might be the best grade of all the IBW property that Emerita owns.

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  1. hello, can you do a uppdate on voxtur? and whats you take on todays market, do you have any new buy since many stocks have dropped

    • no update on Voxtur. i think we are couple of quarters away before anything really happens w/ voxtur. the revenue growth is there just will take a few quarters. the expenses need to come down but will take time. i think by mid to late ’23 we should see the change.

      not buying anything new. i think my current holdings have lot of upside potential just need to wait for them to be realized by market.

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