Capitulation is here …. oh wait, time to buy

Like I said, I look CNBC for my nightly humor. This is the stuff I’m talking about.

Eric Johnston, Cantor Fitzgerald, joins CNBC to talk about how it is time for a bull market. Thats right it is time to load up. We are in a “V” market just crossing over to the start of the run up.

The only thing is Eric Johnston said time 10 days, “capitulation is not close.” Oh how fast the world changes.

Now I don’t disagree with anything he has to say. I don’t agree with everything he has to say either. I just see this as what gets coverage on media and what is put in front of everyone’s eyes. When things are bad, all you see is things are going to get much worse. Then you see a 180 turn in days, time to load up.

Even the great Michael Burry was on twitter saying “I admit I’m feeling greedy.”

Don’t let fear or greed make your investment decisions. Let the valuations and business fundamentals guide you.

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