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I said it in one of my prior posts, most investors who have been saying “nothing has changed except the price” don’t understand what is going on. Hopefully as we are entering the last quarter of 2022 they now realize it is lot more than “the price”.

Anyways, I’ve stayed away from buying anything in 2022. There just weren’t any signs of when things will turn and how bad it is going to be. I still don’t think most investors realize how bad it is going to be. I keep hearing “only 2 more rate increases before a pivot”. But again I’m not too shocked by these comments. When oil was at $110, I was reading comments from well known investors that “oil will be at $150 in months.” Well oil is below $80 right now. The same investor that was yelling about oil getting to $150 is busy fixing his sore throat.

I have not bought much in 2022. I did a private placement with a private company about 2 months ago. Also, recently I have been buying stock in a current holding. I was buying shares as recent as today and will likely be buying more tomorrow, day after, …. and maybe even for a few weeks out.

I’ve stayed away from buying positions in new companies (except for the private placement that I did) because the current holdings just have lot of value. There is one company on my radar since 2021 that I haven’t bought. I would love to buy a big position in it but I will wait for some of my holdings to work out before I consider buying it.

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