Bill out. Now the real work begins

The democrats dragged their feet for 3 years on the cannabis bill. Finally today Schumer, Booker and Wyden put out their bill. I still can’t figure out how it takes 3 years to come out with a bill that is already accepted as dead. Schumer, in his speak in Congress, basically said he is willing to work on other compromise bills. So he basically is saying what took him 3 years, he knew was never getting passed. We just needed them to put something out so we can work on the bill that will get passed.

Everyone knew the democrats bill would never get the votes. There are already some really good bills waiting their chance to get approved. Now that we finally have this bill out of the way, the others can start moving forward.

It is clear the democrats want to pass something. It is just not clear what will get approved. So let the fun begin. It should be interesting for the next couple of months.

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