New buy

I finally found something to buy a new company in 2022.

I have watched this company for over a year. I missed buying it in 2021 and since then it has gone up almost 30x. Some things changed and the stock got hammered back to the levels that I almost bought it in 2021. There was some hair around it that caused the drop in the stock. This week there was some news that the biggest issue with the company is likely to clear soon.

I started buying the shares today. I’m looking to buy more but I’m waiting on Interactive Brokers to remove it from its no trade list. Hopefully I can buy more in the next few days, then I can discuss more about it.

3 responses to “New buy”

    • Yes it is MILC. i didn’t realize IB was going to going to create such a problem. I will likely move some capital to Schwab but by the time the funds transfer it is unlikely MILC will be at the low prices that I was buying.

  1. I’ve asked IB several times in the past 8 months what the reason is and didn’t get a definitive reason, so they’re not working off of a discernable signal from OTCM. TD Ameritrade is another place I’ve been able to buy as recently as last winter, not sure about now. Hit me up on MCC if you want to talk more, I’m ibookman.

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