Emerita Resources: Romanera results, party has started

Emerita Resources announced the assay results for the first hole drilled at Romanera. The company had announced visual results of the core a few weeks ago. So we knew they had found some good results. Now having the assay results is good to see what management had seen.

Couple of thoughts on the results:

  • The mineralization is very close to surface. So from cost of mining this is amazing results
  • The depth is not there with this initial drill result but the grade is very good. I think as we drill more we will see the holes that go much deeper
  • The company has finished 3 more holes in Romanera, so we should get assay results in a few weeks
  • The company has 6 rigs turning, so I expect assay results every couple of weeks

From the excitement the drill program at Romanera, I can’t wait to see more drill results. I think we are in for a superb ride as we get more drill results. It is going to be fun to see how Romanera shapes out, management is clearly very excited about the prospects given they plan to drill 70 holes in 6 months.

It was a long quiet period for EMO. Finally the party has begun. I’m super excited about Romanera results. I also think before we finish the 70 holes at Romanera, we will know what is happening with AZN, drill results from El Cura and La Infanta, and potentially about Nuevo Tintillo.

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