Oroco Resource: recent Torrey Hills presentation

Adam Smith did a recent presention for Torrey Hills. again we are just waiting for drilling results. but one important mention was the Jinguan (i might have wrong spelling) asset in the Sonora county. This is a good sized property that Jinguan had purchased years ago but later it was realized that the asset wasn’t big enough to justify its own mine. Oroco is in the final stages of acquiring rights to property that connects ST to Jinguan. Now this gets really interesting because you can squeeze Jinguan in the future. whoever acquires ST will get a really nice option to acquire the Jinguan property. Jinguan is stuck w/ a property that is either worth 0 or sell it for pennies on the dollar.

Also, the drilling results we all are waiting for should be coming out soon. I think it will be the coming out party for ST. The results will show how good the ST asset is both in terms of grade and size. If I had cash, i would be buying hands over fist (even though i own an absurd position in ST).

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