Voxtur: AOL approved; buckle up

I haven’t posted much recently but lot of interesting stuff happening; I also have a new buy to disclose.

Voxtur had some huge game changing news come out a few days ago. Fannie Mac in its most recent selling guide announced they will now accept AOL (attorney opinion letters) in place of title insurance for purchases upto $1M in value. This is a huge game changing news for Voxtur and should shake up the title insurance industry.

Then we had Voxtur putting out a press release mentioning they provide compliant AOL service in the states that Fannie Mac is accepting AOLs.

We are finally starting to see some coverage on what this means. First press release I’ve seen is this one. The title says it best, “title insurance shake up”. Most folks in the industry are asleep to this change, that is why we are not seeing a lot of talk about this. As news spreads the ramifications will be felt and we will quickly see companies that provide compliant AOL service get more coverage. So far only Voxtur provides this service.

I’m surprised by the market reaction to Voxtur based on the Fannie news. I read it as the industry and investment community not fully understanding what a major change this is. Once people realize what this means, Voxtur will run up.

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    • hopefully soon. just been swamped w/ the tax season (I’m a CPA) and got hit w/ COVID recently. finally recovering from it.

  1. nice, i like the tickers you find. I own 2 of them. YOU ARE THE GOAT. can u share the ticker symbol now or will i have to wait untill the disclose

    • thanks. Cant wait for the disclose.

      what is you thoughts on mind atm?. I have been buying more and adding to my position now when they got a big order and the stockprice went down.

      and sorry for my bad english, its hard for me to write because i live in a diffrent country but i hope u will understand me 🙂 and thanks for Dd 🙂

      • not buying MIND. will talk more when i post my annual numbers. i just think they have diluted a lot.

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