Emerita Resource: Shorts getting scared

Emerita has one guy that has been short the company and has been trying really hard to come up with stuff to put the company down. COME UP with stuff. Almost all the stuff has been lies and rest has been stretching the truth. It is clear sign that these shorts are getting desperate as Emerita is getting closer to getting a resolution on AZN and starting a monster drilling program on IBW.

Doc Jones does a great job on looking through each point that is presented by the short and debunk it. Ben Kramer-Miller at The Wealth Miner is the one that has been making up the stuff for the short side. It has been hilarious reading what he comes up with and how he stretches the truth to make his case. I’m happy holding Emerita and waiting for the day the AZN resolution comes and the shorts run for cover.

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  1. Hi Paras,

    I’ve been following Doc Jones’s research, but I think he may be involved in pumping and dumping his stocks. His research is solid, and I have no ill thoughts against him, but I’m pretty sure he hyped up OYL, and then left everybody holding the bag. (Of course, he’d never tell anyone to sell. He keeps on pumping bullish sentiment, until the price surges and he offloads his position and continues to another opportunity.)

    You can kind of see him falling off EMO as well.

    I’m wondering what your thoughts are in regards to DJ and/or EMO.

  2. Hey Paras, were you aware that Ben Kramer-Miller did some work for Oroco ? Was even talking about it quite positively in December 2019 in a mining stock education podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPIX1OVE5ac
    Pretty good timing in selling OCO during last spring run up. Look forward about what he has to say about Oroco when he talks with the new CEO.
    No idea about the feud he has with Doc Jones, but he comes across as a straight arrow.
    Saw his handle mentionned as one of the ten best in the Mintwit by @TraderPamplona who is quite a good follow btw. Also surprised to see a funny exchange between Doc Jones and @Pete__Panda another very good follow. Mention of a short again.

    Surprised to see this smoke,

    • I don’t worry about Ben or Doc Jones. Ben has his agenda. I listened to his points and they are all a non-issue. Doc Jones has a technical view at the resource and has made trips to see the asset. But in the end you take all that and decide for yourself what you want to do.

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