Oroco Resources: The resource extends

People that have been following Oroco for a while know the historical resource that has been defined based on the historical drilling. The 3D IP work that Oroco did has shown that the resource likely extends below the historical resource. Now we have some data from an Oroco geologist that shows the resource extends below the historical gradeshell.

Josh Pelletier recently make a presentation public that discusses the Santo Tomas resource. There are some interesting tidbits in it about the drilling that Oroco has been doing. Josh mentioned that there is high grade gold in Brasiles. Although in the presentation there was another important thing that Josh shared that I hadn’t realized in the past. Thanks to Malte to bringing this to my attention.

When Oroco announced its first drill results, the company successfully showed the historical gradeshell is there and that the grade is better than the historical grade. Many investors were disappointed that the initial drill results didn’t prove the resource extends beyond the historical resource.

Josh shared some details in his presentation about how much the resource extends below the historical grade shell. The purple section in the below image is the historical gradeshell. In the blue is one of the recent drilling that the company has done. As you can tell from the drilling, it goes well beyond the historical gradeshell.

Josh mentions that the depth of the resource extends well below the historical resource. He say it extends 50-200m. Now this is a huge verification of what I’ve heard from multiple resources and what the 3D IP has been telling management.

Now we don’t know which hole Josh is referring to. Also we don’t have the assay results of that hole. But what we can tell is that Santo Tomas is going to be much bigger than the historical resource. Add to it that we have high grade gold in Brasiles and likely some good copper (although we don’t have any data to pin point to the copper in Brasiles).

Now we wait for the next assay results. In the meanwhile we know what we own. We just have to be patient and wait till the market wakes up and realized what Santo Tomas has.

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