Oroco Resource: Brasiles rich in gold

We are still waiting on Oroco Resources to share the assay results from the first hole that was drilled in Brasiles. In the meanwhile, Josh Pelletier had done a presentation in January 2022 discussing the porphyry copper resource of Santo Tomas and early findings at Brasiles.

Now we already know a lot about the Santo Tomas historical resource. The drill results are available and reports from Paul McGuigan are publicly available. The Brasiles land package is something we don’t know much about. There are lot of rumors that it holds really high grade copper but these are all rumors till we actually see some drill data.

In a presentation that Josh Pelletier did in January 2022, he shares some early data on Brasiles. In the below image from his presentation, Josh says “quartz veins show very high-grade gold concentration.”

We know that there is copper in Brasiles, we just don’t know the grade and the size. Now we know there is gold, “very high-grade” gold in Brasiles.

Now I wouldn’t jump with joy just from one drill result in the Brasiles. We will need to see multiple drill results to really see what Brasiles has. So I’m excited to see the results from Brasiles’ first hole but I really think 2022 will be a pivotal year for this company.

I couldn’t care less about where the stock price of Oroco is in January. I’m excited about where it will be when we get to summer of 2022.

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  1. just a heads up. The report should say Jan 2022. Josh gave this preso at the October Mexico mining conference. The abstract was published in October 2021 on research gate. This full report couldn’t be published earlier due to confidential data. I think he simply forgot it’s already 2022 and not 2021. I let him know and presume he will correct it shortly.

  2. Thanks. I was wondering about it as it referenced the Canadian lab company. This is definitely great news. Looking forward to the assay results.

    I will update the post to show 2022.

    • Yes, lots of tidbits apart from the gold. He says mineralization 50-200m below historical holes confirmed and shows a hand drawn cross section which includes a hole, probably NZ12 or 13 substantially below the core and annotates it with type a and b veins, meaning mineralization! This is a mini preview for future assays but basically hints at expansion of the resource at depth.
      Also note his comment on the possible extension of ST all the way to La Reforma 5km to the north. This is something older reports mention and he now backs it up with geology.
      The surface gold samples are great and shiny headline but there are A LOT of positive “nuggets” in this report. I will do a full tldr on my twitter during the week. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for sharing that. Yes, I saw the depth info. That is really really good news.

    The La Reforma tidbit I didn’t see. I will look at it again.

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