Oroco: Drilling results

Finally we see the drilling results from the Santo Tomas property. This in itself is a major accomplishment. We have waited 2 decades to get these results. So just seeing these assay results is a major accomplishment for the management team.

The results were really good. There is lot of discussion that the results were bad and disappointing. Before you can decide on whether these results are good or bad, you need to first make clear what was your plan. If your plan was to show the resource grade is much higher than historical grade, then these drilling results were a failure. Although if your plan was to prove the historical results and show that there is a high grade zone then these results are really good. The managements goal was the latter, to prove the historical results and to show how deep the mineralization goes.

For folks that are disappointed by these results, you need to look at this video to really understand what these drill results show:

A big h/o to management for starting the drilling program and getting these first drill results out. It has been a long wait for shareholders and management to get to this point.

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  1. I have not sold out of Oroco. I had just trimmed my position to build other positions. Oroco is still my largest position by multiples to the 2nd biggest position. I’m super bullish Oroco and couldn’t care less about what the stock price is doing daily.

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