Glass House Group: Buying more

The last few days I’ve been buying more of Glass House Group warrants. The valuation of the company is absurd given the assets it owns and what operationally is happening. The company has some headwinds in California in the short run but once the fog clears it will be clear how absurd today’s valuations are. (Oh yeah, if there is any movement on federal legalization the blue sky on this one is absurd).

This was already a big position and these incremental buys are just amazing at these prices.

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  1. Which site/exchange do you buy GHWBF on? I have been trying to purchase it on eTrade but the available volume is very small and my orders are not executed even when my limit price is the same as the current price.

  2. The symbol is GHBWF. Most cannibas stocks are low volume because no institutions are following it and they are not on the main exchanges. The Glass House warrants will be low volume. You might have to set your limit price to the ask price to really get the warrants. There are investors that will put limit prices at lower than ask and will just wait for days until they get the shares. So if you have patience you can get it at current price or cheaper, but if really want to build a position then you will have to pay the ask price.

  3. Good afternoon. I see that glass house stock has been picking up for the last few weeks but not the warrants? Are these not correlated or is the market slow to react?

  4. The market slow to react on the warrants. The stock is super cheap, so the warrants are just not in the money right now. The warrants will move up and today it was a decent move.

    The other issue is liquidity. Cannabis companies just don’t get that much trading. So the warrants get even less trading.

    Although if the SAFE banking act gets passed by Congress then things will change in days.

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