Oroco Resources: Brasiles here we come

The company announced they have started drilling on the Brasiles land package. After a long silence the company finally has put out a press release. It isn’t the drill results that we are waiting for but it is still a huge news. The company has started drilling at the Brasiles zone. Brasiles is a huge upside property that could be a major game changer for the company.

Now I don’t think we will see the results from the Brasiles zone till mid-Q1 2022. The management had run into major problems with getting the rig through customs. The rig was stuck for months in customs. So management finally getting it out from the customs and getting it to the location is a huge success.

The other news in the PR is the company will be releasing the drill results from the first 3 holes. It is likely in days we will see these results. I’ve been waiting for that day for years now, so I’m super excited to see the results.

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