Mercer Park Brands

Mercer Park Brands is one of my newest buys. I’m super excited about what this company can do in the next couple of years. Even more, I’m more excited about what can happen in the next 6 years. I own warrants of the company that expire in 2027. So I have 6 years where I can just sit back and watch the ride.

I will try to do a write up with my thoughts on it. In the meanwhile this is a great overview of the company and why this merger of Glass House Group, Element 77, the largest cannibas greenhouse, and a few brands is so exciting.

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  1. Are you sure the company cannot call the warrants early? Then those are no typical SPAC warrants.

  2. I thought the warrants (Canada: BRND.wt, OTC: MRCWF) were 5 years? per the sedar filing: All Warrants will become exercisable at a price of $11.50 per share, commencing 65 days after the completion of a Qualifying Transaction, and will expire on the day that is five years after the completion of a Qualifying Transaction.

    Also is it typical that the warrants (brnd.wt) trade at such a premium 172% ($2.72) to the issuance price ($1) compared to the corresponding spac (brnd) trading at $10.15 versus issuance of $10.00 (1.5%)?


    • Due to the delay in the acquistion the warrants expire 2027.

      Yes it can sell at a premium. Basically you are looking at the future for the company valuation and the warrants depict that.

      • Given how much the stock has sold off over the last couple of months. The warrants seem pretty expensive at the current price.

      • warrants have a long 6 yr time period. yeah with the recent drop in the stock price the stock looks compelling.

  3. Mercer Park paid $325MM for Glass House Groups (GHG) – what is in GHG? They talk about the greenhouse, which is great! But I don’t see any broken out data on GHG? Any thoughts? Thank you

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