OCO: Registration done

It is an incredible feeling to be able to write the title of this blog post. Just writing that registration is done feels like a huge accomplishment. It is infact a major step on the Oroco Resources story. It has taken a really really long time to get here. Finally registration is done. Things will now move forward at an incredibly rapid speed.

For Oroco getting the registration done was a matter of when, not if. The Santo Tomas property was already owned by Oroco. Although getting the registration done basically moves the property into an entity that has a clean slate. Also completing the registration means institutions that have been sidelined can start buying. I’ve heard from multiple folks that institutions want to buy but they are required to wait until registration and the legals are cleared before they can buy.

So now I expect the coverage on Oroco to pick up. Institutions to line up and start buying up shares. Also, I expect newsletters and research firms to start writing up Oroco. All this will lead to lot of demand for shares. Shares that have very little supply on the sell side. This will create an extremely interesting demand/supply dynamics, which current shareholders should benefits immensely from.

Now the next steps, Oroco needs to raise funds to start the drilling. The drilling is to prove out the old resource and the show there is upside from exploration. Now registration is done, I expect majors or funds to come running to fund Oroco. Similar to registration, the funding is now a matter of if but when and what price. I expect funding to happen soon, as the demand will be really high, and then drilling to start in Q1.

2020 will be super exciting for Oroco. Getting the registration done allows the company to move forward on the drilling and proving of the resource. This couldn’t have happened at a better time. A time when copper market is heating up and M&A in the copper space is already hot. 2020 will be extremely rewarding to shareholders of Oroco.

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