OCO: End to Aztec Copper

Although Oroco Copper has already won the legal battle against Aztec, the nail in the coffin will be put in on Oct 1st.

Oroco has acquired a majority ownership of Aztec Copper via an agreement with Fierce Investments. Oroco has been fighting a legal battle in Arizona courts to get is 40M shares registered. As a majority shareholder, Oroco had requested shareholder meeting of Aztec to be called, so its shares can get registered and new management can be appointed. Aztec has been fighting this for a while now. Aztec lost the case and a receiver has been appointed to holder the shareholder meeting.

The receiver has scheduled a shareholder meeting for Oct 1st, 2019. In this meeting I except the 40M shares to be registered under Oroco and new management to be appointed at Aztec Copper. Although Aztec has already lot the legal battle in Mexico, this shareholder meeting will put an end to any shenanigans that Aztec could do in the future. It also puts an end to any ongoing legal filings Aztec has in Mexico.

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