HOLL: Slowly adding AMC theatres

Part of the settlement with AMC was that MovieTickets.com would start adding AMC theatres. I’ve been watching the MT.com site to see when they add the AMC theatres. Finally, today I saw an AMC theatre in my area getting added to the MT.com site.


What does this all mean? Well the company is moving fast to add the AMC theatres. This is definitely a win-win situation for MT.com and AMC. In terms of valuation, MT.com now has the additional revenue stream from these theatres. I don’t expect the addition of AMC theatres to have fast impact on revenue. MT.com has definitely lost value due to what AMC did in the past, moving the theatres to Fandango. But adding AMC theatres atleast shows MT.com is moving in right direction, adding more theatres and returning to increasing revenue.

In the long run, I’m still of the opinion that MT.com is sold or merges.

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