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This is my second biggest holding. The VIC write-up has finally become available to guest users. All you have to do is sign-up for an account with a valid email address. I highly recommend users to sign-up and read the VIC write-up.

I bought my initial holding in the low-70 cent price. In the less than 2 months that I have held the shares, the shares are up almost 70%. Although I’m looking at buying more shares. The company is still at very early stages of growth. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock over $2 by end of year. This company does almost no PR, no conference calls, and little investor relations. Even after posting 100% increase in revenue in Q2, the company didn’t put out any press release highlighting this growth. So the story on this company is not that followed by others. The CEO of this company has done a great job of focusing on execution and getting the right pieces in place to grow the company. I believe next year we will see a bigger push to get the word out about the company. So anyone buying at these prices won’t be disappointed.

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