INFU: Buyout offer

The offer we had been waiting for is finally here. Meson Capital looking to take INFU private for $1.85 – $2 range. A sweet 25-30% premium.

A big thanks to Shaun Noll at Stirling Capital for the tip on this one.

4 responses to “INFU: Buyout offer”

  1. Saw the offer by Ryan. Thanks for the tip on INFU. Do you know why he has a wide range for the offer?

    • This won’t be the final offer. The company replied to Ryan and said they believe the company is worth more. I think you will see a final deal for $2 or more.

    • Yes I saw that. INFU is probably worth more than $2 if you are a long-term investor. For me, the play was in the buyout. Since it is cancelled, I sold my shares today.

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