Weekend reading

JPMorgan’s CEO Dimon: Always worth hearing from one of the best in banking

The Financial Systems Death Knell: Latest from Eric Sprott

Chinese bank CEO’s pay: Huge difference in approach to pay for bank CEOs

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  1. wondering if you’ve heard anything about yukon from mariusz or anyone else. he seems to have stopped posting on it on his blog. i’m still long. thanks in advance.

    • Mario recently wrote about YNG in his newsletter. it is worth subscribing to if you don’t already.

      YNG is doing well. from what i know Q3 production is very good. i would expect them to be cash flow positive and maybe even report a profit in their Q3 numbers. probably another 8 weeks before they report Q3 numbers.

  2. thanks for the response. i just listened to the conference call. these guys seem pretty confident and competent. franchise marland also bought 4.3 million shares a few days ago i believe.

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