Taro Pharma: Reports superb numbers

Another quarter and Taro Pharma just shows how well it is operated. The numbers each quarter are superb and the cash keeps piling up. I’m shocked this is not at $60+ stock already. It won’t be too long before it gets there.

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  1. Hi, I love your weekend reading posts and have been following Taro pharma for a while. Giving that some of the minority shareholders are rejecting Sun’s offer for takeover, how do you see this playing out over the next few months?

    • First, I’m very surprised Sun upped their offer. I didn’t think a company that bought 66% stake in Taro at $7 will offer almost 7x price just 4 yrs later.

      Sun needs to get 50% of Taro’s minority shareholders to vote yes for the offer. This is extremely unlikely. So I think you will see Sun be forced to up its offer. I think you will likely see another offer before the end of the year. I’m holding it unless something else in the market is even cheaper.

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