Weekend reading

Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns: Data on 100+ years of investment return for 19 countries

McElvaine’s We are here: I always enjoy reading Tim’s thoughts on the market and screening his investments for ideas

Longleaf’s Annual Letter: Annual letter and another good place to look for investment ideas

Recent letter by Jeetay Investments: For Munger fans, I highly recommend reading letters by Chetan Parikh

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  1. Regarding Jeetay, do you follow the Indian stock market or invest there? If so, what sites or blogs do you follow in India?

    • I don’t own any shares of companies trading on the Indian stock market. Although I have an interest in them and will likely be buying soon. There are no blogs or sites that I follow. I’m a fan of Amitabh Singhi at Amrit Capital. If you are looking for resources, search for Amitabh Singhi’s presentation at Value Investor Congress. I believe one of his presentations lists resources that would be helpful to investors.

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