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I have known Mariusz at Classic Value Investors for a while now. His ability to find small-cap catalyst driven investment ideas has shown an amazing investment return over the past 3 years. When he decided to start a newsletter focused on these small-cap gems, I was intrigued. I’ve discussed with him some of the ideas he presented on his January 2012 and the upcoming February 2012 newsletter. Infact, if you have received his January newsletter and acted on one of his ideas, you would be up over 20% in less than a week on that one recommendation. That gain would have more than made up for the investment into the newsletter.

His February newsletter includes another similar gem. One of the recommendation will be a strong return in a short period. I’m fairly certain that one investment alone will repay for the annual fee for the newsletter.

I highly recommend the investment into the Ultimate Value Finder newsletter.

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