Weekend reading

Bank of America considers rental program for foreclosure properties: Looks like the big banks are finally coming around to this idea. Last week I believe there was some press around Wells Fargo, maybe Citi, looking at similar program

Downward Spiral: Great piece by PIMCO’s Co-CEO Mohamed El-Erian

Buying a $1 for 50-cents: An investor discusses his investment in Aberdeen International

Black Friday isn’t the best day to buy: A computer scientist does research on the deals offered on Black Friday

Google gets patent on Driverless Car: Hopefully this will get rid of the bad drivers who drive 60 and sit in the fast lane

Bill Gates talk on technology: Great to hear his thoughts on what is coming up next in tech

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  1. ori had a good point on the advisory fee. kind of surprising. i do hope baldock is not blowing sunshine up everyone’s – when it comes to yukon. we’ll see. if he had something to hide though, not sure why he’d even talk to mariusz.

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