Weekend reading

Canada’s real estate bubble: Nothing like US and signs point to a bubble. Reminds me of Francis Chou’s recent shareholder report and warning on Canada RE prices

Value investors are buying: Running their high cash balances down but they are also being selective

The College loan crisis: A crisis that is slowly picking up speed

There will be Oil: You always walk away feeling much more knowledgeable after reading Daniel Yergin

The War for Good Jobs: The war that many are not focusing on

George Soros on the Euro: The mistakes made by politicians on not fixing this problem sooner

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  1. are you still long yukon nevada gold? any idea why it’s been shooting so fast to the downside other than the gold price? baldock’s recent video seemed pretty upbeat.

    • yes i’m still long YNG. the main reason for the dips is likely due to drop in gold price. i’m holding on to YNG until we get an update on the production post winterization.

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