Weekend reading

Bruce Berkowitz AAII Presentation: He goes into a detail analysis of his Bank of America holding

Secrets of Sovereign: A dated article on The Chandler Brothers

Discussion with Alan Mulally: Great piece on how he turned around Ford. Also some interesting comments on future of NatGas in large vehicles and China’s automobile industry

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  1. any rationale for HHC price drop you know of? YNGFF finally getting some positive price action it seems. i believe mariusz was buying at .50 – maybe he’s now up on the position. my entry is around .65

    • HHC will drop due to economic uncertainty and low float. Most shares held by value investors, so any uncertainty will cause big drops. YNG got some good movement w/ the news about the financing. It seems like the market still doesn’t believe mgmt can hit projections, there are reasons for not believing mgmt. I think you will have to be patient w/ YNG and wait for mgmt to execute before you see big movement. Mariusz has been buying in the dips. He is definitely willing to stay patient and let mgmt prove themselves. I think the earliest is Q4 that we see results of mgmt executing on increasing production.


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