Weekend reading

Einhorn shorts Wilpon: A look at Einhorn’s investment in the NY Mets

Interview w/ IBM’s CEO: The giant recently turned 100. Read how this company has survive this long and what it sees in the future

Why are reforms so difficult: Research on why governments fear reforms

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  1. any thoughts on google? mentioned by munger as having the largest moat he’s ever seen and maybe a 15 p/e ex-cash with decent return on equity.

    • google definitely has a huge moat. though i’m not sure how defensible that moat is. i stay away from tech companies because you never know when you get blindsided. recall what happened to Yahoo. they beat an incredible number of competitors and still lost cause they didn’t see google coming.

  2. yeah. yahoo’s interesting. after reading some, it looks like what jack ma did with alipay is a common shenanigan in china in addition to the rto games with other stocks. i actually think yahoo might be interesting on a sum-of-parts at around 13, particularly if ceo’s replaced.

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