Weekend reading

The Geopolitics of Food: The coming crisis in food prices

How Genius Works: Great read from artists in different fields

Formula for inspiration: Not many folks can make Physics, let alone studying, fun to high school-ers

Denali Investor Presentation: A bit dated but good to see how an up-and-coming investor looks at his portfolio and where he finds his investment ideas

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  1. nice links. i’m long hhc, ggp, and yng. if management is trustworthy, the story on yng may not be that bad after the press release. i am guessing if there’s any news on a cap ex deal that is not outrageous & management goes ahead with the conference call, this will probably go above $.75 at least.

    • YNG is very close on getting a financing deal done. I believe we hear about it in couple of weeks (maybe sooner). They are basically in a black out period, so can’t say anything until the deal is signed. The recent presentation update was likely related to get the bank on board. Once the deal is done, there is no reason the stock to sell at these cheap prices.

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