Weekend reading

Stepping on the gas: Daniel Yergin, author of The Prize, writes about the history of NatGas and where we currently stand

Mapping the economic power of Cities: McKinsey research report on the top 600 economic cities in 2025 and the impact on the world economic power

Buffett on US moving to plutocracy: Good interview w/ Buffett during his trip to South Korea

Measurements that  Mislead: We know that in investment world short term results don’t mean you will get similar long term results. But this is also true in many other fields

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  1. wow, yngff going off the cliff during the warrant exercise period. hope it recovers after april 14th.

      • Many warrant holders are getting their warrants exercised at huge discounts to current market price. When you have warrants exercised at $.07 or $.11 a share compared to the current market price of $.60, that is a huge gain to hold onto. Also we have had plenty of insider sales around $.80-$.90 share in the last couple of months. The early investors have huge gains and I would expect them to cash in on some of it.

        I still believe in the turnaround story and think there is plenty of upside still left.

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