Weekend reading

Patient Capital loading up on cash: Vito Maita has started to pile up cash as he see limited values at current valuations

Blockbuster investment is worst trade ever: Carl Icahn discusses his worst trade ever

Made in America: Are we getting to the point where the costs to manufacture in China are not advantageous compared to costs in US

Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns 2011: Good historical data on international investment returns for the global investor

T. Boone Pickens on Heavy Trucks running on NatGas: With the passage of the Nat Gas Act, should happen in the next 30-60 days, heavy duty trucks, which use roughly 50% of oil imported, can start converting to NatGas which should cut reliance on oil imports (This is going to be very interesting for Heckmann Corp)

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  1. wondering what you think about yngff’s results today? production lower than expected it seems – but winter harsher than expected.

    • I think this was expected due to bad weather. This is a turnaround and things are not likely to go smoothly. On a long term basis, the company is still on track for large production growth and cash flow generation. Their strategic position, increase in production, and acquirer of mines hasn’t changed. I think you have to wait until late this year and early next year to see if management delivers on its plans (increase production, acquire assets, and make the mines weather proof). It will be a bumpy ride but if you believe management can deliver than it will be worth it.

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