Weekend reading

China’s drive for Indigenous Innovation: What China is doing to compete and win the innovation battle against the West.

Berkowitz interview with Bloomberg: Great read on his thoughts about AIG, China/US, and financial companies.

Peter Cundill’s legacy

Bill Gross’ latest: Always a good read

Chinese and Indian Entrepreneur beating the US: So far the emerging markets have been known for cheap labor, but that is changing quickly.

Don’t enter the Dragon: A short piece on staying away from the Chinese small caps.

Rethinking the Great Recession: Could too much prosperity for long periods lead to major crisis.

8 Biases that cripple decision making: Avoid them in your decisions

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  1. China is definitely going up in terms of their market share. One advantage they have is their cheap labor cost and the labor themselves, they don’t seem to be out of it considering their big population. Of the Asian countries that prosper, China is obviously on the top list.

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