Weekend reading

Doubts Cloud Gold’s Bright Future: We have been hearing it from many investors about Gold looking like a bubble.

McElvaine Fund’s recent letter: I always enjoy what Tim McElvaine has to say about the market. His analysis on gold demand/supply is right on.

Sprott Asset Management’s recent letter: Eric Sprott discusses his thoughts on the government actions,  currencies, and gold.

Common Sense Investing – Papers of Benjamin Graham: A compilation of writings of Benjamin Graham

Joe Rosenfield coverts $11M to $1B: A friend of Buffett, in 32 years has converted $11M to $1B while going unnoticed by most of the investment media.

GGP’s stock split and emergence notice: For GGP holders, basic information on when the stocks in the post-split companies will be issued, trading information, and tax implications.

Enduring Values, Enduring Value: An interview w/ the legendary Marty Whitman.

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