Weekend reading

On the secret committee to save the Euro: A look at the fraction between France and Germany that almost broke up the EU.

Dubai may knock down some buildings: Having over produced during the financing boom, Dubai could be headed to 50% vacancy rate. One solution that Dubai might look at is to demolish existing buildings.

You ain’t seen nothing yet: Could this be the key phrase that indicates the China bubble is getting ready to burst?

My real worry for India and its Youth: A good editorial piece by a CEO of an outsourcing company about what the youth of India should look out for. The good times don’t last for ever.

China demolishing buildings before they are completed: If you didn’t believe the Chinese real estate bubble, there are some pictures to show you the bubble could be coming to an end.

Takefuji files for bankruptcy: Japan’s third biggest consumer loan provider to file for bankruptcy. A sign of what to expect as consumers start looking to de-leverage.

GM’s magically 30B in assets: Leave it to GM to make $30B in assets appear from nowhere, just in time for the IPO.

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