Weekend reading

The End of Management: Time to rethink management?

IT companies scramble to retain talent as demand builds: Even though the large global economies (US, Europe, Japan) are hurting, India’s IT sector is booming and growth is extremely strong.

Small Investors Flee Stock market: It is when others are fearful that patient investors can find some compelling buy opportunities.

China’s Economy, Too Hot or Too Cold: Two conflicting views on what is happening in China. Always good to get conflicting views.

The Pittsburg Penguins Dividend: The Pittsburg Penguins look like they have some of the magic similar to Berkshire Hathaway.

The Case for Economic Optimism: A good view of what to expect from the US economy

Fairfax’s bet on deflation: Prem Watsa makes his bet on possible long-term deflation in the US economy.

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