Weekend Reading

The Birth of the US Wind Power: Good read on the history of a major energy source.

Case Study – Indigo Books: A presentation from value investors Stacey Muirhead on their investment in Indigo Books. Recall that Tim  McElvaine bought a big stake in Indigo Books a while back (Tim has recently sold a big piece of his stake).

David Winters’ presentation on International investing: David Winters talks about two of his international holdings. I’ve been looking more towards international companies as I start looking for companies with strong potential in 5-10 years out.

Brainless slime could make decisions for humans : How ‘comparative valuation’ can lead to bad decision making

Why I’m not hiring: An op-ed piece from a president of a company, discussing the real costs of hiring.

Conversation on China, and India: A great Charlie Rose interview with James Fallows and Stephen Roach on what is happening in China and India.

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