Weekend Reading

The Geography of High-paying jobs: A maps of high paying jobs in the US. Alongside this map, it would be interesting to see a similar map of the average cost of living for each region.

How LEGO revived its Brand: A great case study of how a company can turn itself around

Dakshana Foundation 2009 Annual Report: Good reading for individuals interested in Pabrai’s foundation and education in India

Tracing Oil Reserves to their tiny origins: Debunk the old theory that oil came from dinosaur fossils

Consumers find ways to spend less and find happiness: I have been seeing more of this in the US, people realizing that spending doesn’t lead to happiness. I believe there is a strong move towards less consuming and more saving.

The Great Stock Myth: Is the belief that equity have higher return than ‘risk-free premium’ investments true? What happens if it doesn’t materialize?

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