Weekend Reading

McElvaine Investment Fund’s Annual Partners Meeting transcript: For readers that haven’t heard for Tim McElvaine, he has quietly built an amazing performance record. This long (3o page) transcript covers his early years with Peter Cundill, mistakes he has made, and key lessons learned.

Howard Marks on the Greece tragedy: Mr. Marks as usual, consistently cautious of the current markets and what the future means. I agree with his view that the future will be choppy and investors will rosy outlook of economic growth will be in for a rough awaking.

The coming Muni-Bond Debt Bomb: The coming crisis for the Muni-bond world.

Monthly Letter from Bill Gross: Bill’s take on what makes Capitalism work and what the current trend could mean for us.

Fairfax Financials  Q2 Transcript: Prem Watsa’s views on the market conditions and how he is setting up the fund to protect from the possibility of future economic problems.

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