• Emerita: AZN court date not what was expected, so what

    Emerita finally got news on its AZN court date. The court date is set for March 3, 2025. We are just wrapping up 2022, so this 2025 date is a little over 2 years out. I didn’t expect the date to be so far into the future. Even the management team didn’t expect this: “We […]

  • Glass House: Conversation with mgmt

    It was only a few days ago I mentioned that I closed out my Twitter account. Well, I reopened the account again today, thank Glass House for it. Aaron Edelheit of Mindset Capital did a talk with Glass House Group’s management team on Twitter Spaces. The call is about the Q3 numbers and more importantly […]

  • Emerita: AZN date coming soon

    David Gower just did a quick call to give an update on what is going on. There is lot of interest and conversations around IBW deposits. Lot of meetings done so far and the company is going to mining conventions to present the results of the IBW drilling. The most important stuff was AZN related. […]

  • Oroco: Richard Lock the savior

    I have been purposefully quiet on Oroco. But I feel like I need to give credit to what is being done by one man, so I decided to share my thoughts: Oroco is really all about Richard Lock delivering. His execution has been really good. A management that puts out a clear timeline and then […]

  • Glass House: more thoughts

    Now that I’ve listened to the conference call and thought a bit more about the quarterly update, here are things that I take away: Positives: Negatives: My take is the company is executing exceptionally well. They just turned on the biggest greenhouse cannabis production in all of US and after a few hiccups the operations […]

  • Glass House: Has arrived; monster Q

    Glass House just reported their quarterly numbers and they were monumental. The execution is splendid. The company is proving that they can grow cannabis at a large scale, a quality product, and at a super cheap production price. The cost of production dropped in Q3 to $134/pound. There is no way you can invest in […]

  • Bye bye Twitter

    For a long time I’ve been cutting back on most of the social media that I’ve been browsing. The only remaining social media site that I was frequently using was Twitter. Twitter is a great way to get the latest news and opinions of people you follow. Also some individuals that I don’t get to […]

  • Akre: Cash not best option

    There is a quote in the Akre Focus Fund’s commentary that really stood out as to how to look at the current market. Today, with fear reigning supreme, cash is the investment of choice, while equities assume the mantle of most despised. Perfectly understandable—and thus to be resisted! Because whatever the timing of the eventual […]

  • CPI – Contrarian view

    I stay away from focusing on macro but unless you can meditate for 24 hrs straight, inflation news is in front of your face. I saw a good take on today’s CPI data by Peter Berezin. It is worth taking a quick look.

  • Cannabis: SAFE+ is coming

    An interview with Cory Booker where he discusses the president’s recent executive order on marijuana. Booker also says: So there’s a lot of folks who understand that we have to act on the federal level to do more than the president’s done, and I’m hopeful that this Congress, actually – in the lame duck after […]